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Audiology Plus is the award-winning Private Hearing Clinic that truly understands what it means to experience the joy of being able to hear.

Based in Sussex and Surrey, under the leadership of Mr. Piotr Swiatek (Senior Clinical Audiologist and Hearing Aid Consultant), the company works hard to ensure that every one of its clients with hearing impairment has the chance to live life without restrictions. 

Our clinic is one of exquisite care and exceptional understanding. The joy of hearing is one that everybody should be able to experience, and Audiology Plus always aim to go above and beyond in ensuring that its clients get the care they deserve.

4 Reasons to Choose Surrey Audiology

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Range of services

Whether you are in need of a health check, micro-suction or help with your hearing aid Piotr is ready to help.

Expert Advice

Piotr will be able to advise you on the best course of action if you suspect that you are being affected by conductive hearing loss.

Advanced equipment

Piotr uses the latest hearing techniques along with advanced equipment to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Affordable prices

Piotr’s goal is to ensure you get the right product/service at the right price.

A Full Range of Hearing Services

Surrey Audiology offers an array of services to determine the right solution for everyone.


Audiology Plus provides a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment to determine the type and severity of the potential hearing loss. Depending on the results of the hearing assessment, the client can be referred to the GP or ENT consultant for further investigation.


According to the results of the Hearing Assessment, the client and audiologist can work together to decide whether hearing aids will or can be beneficial for the individual’s lifestyle. Audiology Plus provide a wide range of modern digital hearing aids from various manufactures such as Oticon, Widex, Phonak etc.


Tinnitus can affect people in different ways. Most are not troubled by it as they have learned to live with it, but some may find it difficult to cope with. Audiology Plus provides Tinnitus assessment, counselling and management, offering noise generators with amplification and tinnitus maskers.


Audiology Plus provides a range of custom made noise protection ear plugs and custom made swim plugs. We also offer ear monitors for musicians, noise protection plugs, ear defenders, covert equipment for surveillance purposes, custom Shooting Plugs, and in the ear communication & noise protection for motorsport.


Ear wax can easily become impacted in the ear canal causing a blocked feeling, earache or ear infection, itchiness, tinnitus and dizziness. Also ear wax can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aids. Audiology Plus provides quick, safe and effective ear wax removal using a microsuction and curette technique according to UK standards. GP referral is not required. You can be seen at the Audiology clinic or in the comfort of your home.


Not everyone is able to get to the clinic for medical treatments. Audiology Plus will use portable equipment to provide audiological assessment, hearing aids fitting, hearing aids repairs and ear wax removal in the comfort of your home. Home Visits are suitable for all clients, GP referral is not required.

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Piotr offers a wide range of hearing services and products to ensure your hearing is the best it can be. Why not book a hearing health check today?

What our patients say

Wonderful Man
What a wonderful man! He is everything you said and more. He did a wonderful job and I can hear perfectly in that ear now. What JOY! I was so impressed, worth every single penny, I can tell you
Excellent Service
Just to say thanks for today. You confirmed l didn't need micro suction but simply by having my hearing tested you actually confirmed l had very little to worry about at all. Excellent service with a personal and friendly touch
Professional & Helpful
Over the years I have had appointments with both NHS and private audiologists and had various aids from both sectors. Piotr is without exception the most professional, helpful and charming audiologist I have encountered in many years of struggling with my hearing loss.
Life Changing
Thank you for changing my life so completely with my new 'ears'